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  • Transform your skin with Catalyst AC-11

    I thought it relevant to repost this information about Catalyst AC-11 (Catalyst Plus and Catalyst are also available, they are for more sensitive skin and more resilient skin respectively) since I’m often asked about the benefits of these products. Catalyst AC-11 is one of Osmosis Skin Care’s transformation serums. It is a unique combination of […]

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Andrea is amazing; I think she’s more than someone who can help your skin, she can actually improve your mental health. For me, my skin had been breaking out terribly since I was 12. It’s gotten better since I got out of my teens, but it was still a mess. That’s about 25 years of being really upset with my skin and how I look. Which is an exhausting way to live and feel about yourself.

Andrea is a total pro, her space is calming but not some over the top ultra chic spa, which I actually grew to prefer. She’s lovely, and a pleasure to work with. (And trust me, I have been difficult a few times, as I was frustrated with my skin!) Her facials are so relaxing and effective. I’m aglow afterwards. She convinced me to try the Osmosis products, and I can’t say they’re my favorite I’ve ever tried, but she had a great point, “it doesn’t matter how much you love the feel or smell of your favorite product, if you don’t like your skin, they’re not working for you!” Truth. My skin texture improved immediately and the acne has been clearing significantly over the last year. Yes, when my stress and anxiety levels are are a max, I still get zits, but it’s so so much better. I even took a photo of my skin every month to make sure it was true, and the proof is there.

Not that I think you can put a price on your happiness, but of course it costed. And I found it to be worth every penny. And in fact, I went back and looked at my credit card statement for the past two years. I spent nearly identical amounts of money at Andrea’s and at Sephora. Only at Andrea’s I got about 10 facials along with all the products, which were an relaxing paradise, and at Sephora I spend a fortune trying dozens of new products that never worked or made things worse. I think it’s way better to have clear skin then having to buy and wear a bunch of makeup to cover up bad skin. It’s no contest. Andrea wins.