Catalyst AC-11 is appropriate for all skin types. It contains a patented formula that activates your natural zinc finger remodeling process, which is a critical part of DNA repair. In addition, this product contains the patented technology AC-11 that is proven to increase DNA repair by 33%. The unique combination of vitamin C, amino acids and minerals also encourages the skin to increase collagen and elastin production, promotes wound healing and improves sun protection. The benefits of these serums can be seen with skin tags, distended capillaries, fine lines and wrinkles, scarring, and pigmentation.


Catalyst AC-11 uses a more stable, time released form of Vitamin C, doubled it in strength and added soothing aloe. It repairs DNA damage and assists in the production of proteins and antioxidants within the cell by utilizing the same patented Zinc Finger Technology™ of Catalyst. Zinc Finger Technology and the research-proven DNA repair tool known as AC-11. AC-11 has been shown to increase DNA repair by 33%. In addition to the increase in potency, this version of Catalyst contains Aloe, Zinc and Vitamin E which makes it more soothing. The combination of technologies makes this a remarkable product for aging, distended capillaries, pigmentation, skin tags and more. Gluten free.


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